Coslia Foot Clinic

Welcome to Coslia Clinic

Foot and lower limb health is an important aspect to overall well being. Health and happiness are only attainable when our bodies perform efficiently and in an injury free state. Our expert podiatrists use only proven techniques and equipment to generate a complete picture of your overall mechanical function. This enables them to determine the correct intervention necessary for your individual needs. This may include orthoses, muscle exercise techniques, foot and lower limb manipulation/mobilization, dry needling/acupuncture, footwear advice etc.


With an excellent success rate using orthotics, nail surgery performed under local anaesthetic, routine podiatric foot care, complete Diabetic and neurological lower limb assessment, our clinic strives to provide the very best in foot/lower limb health.


We work closely with other health professionals and will refer when appropriate for expert opinion or further investigation.


Whether your problem is a challenging biomechanical/structural issue or just a simple corn or ingrowing toenail, you will find that we strive to provide the best care and attention in comfortable surroundings.