Limerick hurling all-stars Tom and Dan Morrissey are regular clients of Coslia Podiatry

Sports Podiatry is the application of mechanical principles to the sportsperson and the sporting environment in order to diagnose and treat sports injuries.

People involved in sport, whether it be recreational or professional will increase the load acting on their joints, bones and surrounding soft tissue structures. Over time this may lead to overuse or chronic injury patterns to develop, which is where sports podiatry can be of benefit.

Our podiatrists use their expert knowledge and state of the art gait analysis techniques to assess individual needs for intervention should that be orthoses, injury rehabilitation, muscle stretching/strengthening, or footwear education. Our clients include elite athletes from the world of GAA, rugby, soccer, athletics, and dancing.

We have an excellent relationship with several specialist sports footwear stores in the locality where our patients needs can be accommodated.
Our aim is to have you back participating in your chosen activity as soon as possible.

We will also advise on preventative measures one can take in order to help prevent injury in the first instance. This may include advice regarding correct footwear and/or bespoke exercise regimes to suit individual requirements. Foot mobilisation therapy (FMT) is particularly valuable in helping to ensure that our bodies perform at their optimum level of efficiency. FMT in conjunction with a suitably prescribed exercise regime can be an invaluable treatment therapy in optimising athletic performance. 

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