At Coslia Foot Clinic, we provide a complete range of podiatric care with treatments ranging from
routine checkups to orthoses creation. Below are some of our most common services. If you have any
queries or want to find out more you can book an appointment to discuss your needs or send us a message


Gait and Biomechanical analysis

One of the most important factors in resolving an injury or musculo-skeletal condition is to determine which structures are involved and why they are hurting. Good anatomical knowledge along with bio-mechanical evaluation and gait analysis are essential tools in determining why someone has a particular problem.

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Orthotic Devices

Orthotics are usually custom made devices designed to specifically change the function of your foot. They help place the foot in a bio-mechanically correct position allowing the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones to work more efficiently and therefore reduce and limit abnormal forces that cause pain and discomfort elsewhere in your body.

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Manual Therapies

Manual therapies include treatment such as Foot Mobilisation Therapy, dry needling, tool assisted massage. The Podiatrists at Coslia Clinic have all carried out extensive and specialised training in dry needling and acupuncture techniques for the treatment of conditions related to lower limb health.

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Diabetes Screening

The podiatrists at Coslia Podiatry are expertly trained in assessing and preventing life altering complications from Diabetes. We create individualised treatment plans to suit your needs based on our assessments and your input. A routine check-up enables us to:
- Assess the condition of your skin
- Monitor your circulation
- Check for signs of neuropathy (Nerve damage)
- Diagnose foot deformities that can cause high pressure areas.

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Children's Feet (Podopodiatrics)

Feet suffer tremendous force every day and today’s problems can worsen over time. This can negatively affect your child's physical, social and psychological development.

Knock knees, bow legs, intoed feet etc are all conditions that should be thoroughly assessed to determine where the problem lies. Quite often no treatment is necessary, however on occasion early intervention can make all the difference.

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Sports podiatry

Podiatric Sports medicine

Sports Podiatry is the application of mechanical principles to the sportsperson and the sporting environment in order to diagnose and treat sports injuries.

People involved in sport, whether it be recreational or professional will increase the load acting on their joints, bones and surrounding soft tissue structures. Over time this may lead to overuse or chronic injury patterns to develop, which is where sports podiatry can be of benefit.

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Heel pain

Heel Pain

One of the most common conditions we see in our clinic is heel pain. Although some heel pain may be associated with certain systemic conditions or nerve entrapments, the good news is that most heel pain is usually quickly diagnosed and has a biomechanical

This means that we are in a great position to deliver fast resolution of your pain, in most cases. 

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Heel pain


The general high street shoe market leaves a lot to be desired. For many years patients, have complained about the difficulty in sourcing suitable footwear for comfort and or fitting orthotics.

After a course of foot mobilisation therapy, wouldn’t it be nice to have comfortable shoes which help maintain your new found foot comfort?

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Routine Podiatry

Our podiatrists are skilled professionals who can look after your routine foot conditions such as corns, callous, ingrowing toenails etc.

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