Heel Pain


One of the most common conditions we see in our clinic is heel pain. Although some heel pain may be associated with certain systemic conditions or nerve entrapment, the good news is that most heel pain is usually quickly diagnosed and has a biomechanical component. This means that we are in a great position to deliver fast resolution of your pain, in most cases. We have a specifically designed heel pain package that has consistently delivered results for our patients for many years

With appropriate treatment you can gain significant relief after just a few visits! Coslia Podiatry's expert clinicans utilise modern proven and innovative podiatric treatments which will consider your entire body, lower extremities, and foot function to get you out of pain fast.

For most patients, a combination of manual therapies including mobilisation and manipulations combined with tailored exercise plans will have you feeling better very quickly.

At Coslia Podiatry, we have successfully treated thousands of patients over the years, providing the latest, ground-breaking treatment methods to accurately diagnose your problem and relieve your from pain. Some patients will require a pressure and gait analysis leading to the fabrication of custom made foot orthoses in order to encourage a more efficient gait pattern. All patients will have a tailored home exercise program.    

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