Whilst we are confident that we can manufacture the very best foot orthoses available in our in house orthotics laboratory, sometimes the overall result can be inhibited by poor footwear choice. The general high street shoe market leaves a lot to be desired. For many years, particularly female patients, have complained about the difficulty in sourcing suitable footwear for comfort and or fitting orthotics. 
After a course of foot mobilisation therapy, wouldn’t it be nice to have comfortable shoes which help maintain your new found foot comfort?

With this in mind, we set about carefully selecting a range of footwear with comfort and function a priority but also with some semblance of fashion. Remember you do not have to wear foot orthoses and sensible shoes 24/7 in order to gain benefit form their use.

We keep a small stock of shoes from reputable brands. The range of shoes is constantly updated and monitored for new developments in the market. The range includes good walking footwear, more dressy type footwear, office shoes and footwear suitable for diabetics.
Our shoes are available in our Ennis clinic where we will be delighted to discuss your requirements.

We discuss patient's particular needs during the first consultation following a full bio-mechanical examination and gait analysis.

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