The podiatrists at Coslia Podiatry are expertly trained in assessing and preventing life altering complications from Diabetes. We create individualised treatment plans to suit your needs based on our assessments and your input.

A routine check-up enables us to:

- Assess the condition of your skin
- Monitor your circulation
- Check for signs of neuropathy (Nerve damage)
- Diagnose foot deformities that can cause high pressure areas.

The goal of diabetes screenings is to keep you healthy and active for many years to come. You may not be aware of problems developing in your feet because of the gradual nerve damage caused by diabetes neuropathy.

Look and feel for any changes in your feet daily such as:

- Skin colour changes
- Loss of hair on your toes
- Thickened, yellowing toenails
- Dry, cracked skin
- Blisters, rashes on skin
- Broken skin
- Burning or tingling sensations
- Pain
- Inability to detect touch
- Not detecting heat and cold accurately

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