One of the most important factors in resolving an injury or Musculo-skeletal condition is to determine which structures are involved and why they are hurting. Good anatomical knowledge along with bio-mechanical evaluation and gait analysis are essential tools in determining why someone has a particular problem.
We use advanced digital video analysis which allows us to examine human movement and detect abnormalities occurring during the gait cycle.
Foot pressure evaluation is sometimes a useful tool in ascertaining certain gait abnormalities, but we never use foot pressure techniques, with or without a computer, as the only means of evaluating a patient. At our clinic we use a state-of-the-art pressure plate to enhance our clinical evaluation. Pressure evaluation can be a beneficial part of a biomechanical assessment.
A thorough biomechanical evaluation in conjunction with a critical gait analysis is vital. All our patients receive a complete assessment and we always write our own orthotic prescriptions. 

Pressure plate

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