Orthotics are custom made devices designed to alter the anatomical position and function of the foot. Orthotic devices help to place the foot in a more optimal position to allow for more efficent gait. These may include simple heel raises, metatarsal pads, customized orthoses (insoles) and ankle foot orthoses. Orthotic devices may be simple over the counter type shells customised for your particular needs or they may be full prescription devices made from 3 dimensional casted models of your feet.

Coslia Foot Clinic

As a three dimensional "functional device" an orthotic is designed to specifically change the function of your foot. They help place the foot in a biomechanically correct position allowing the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones to work more efficiently and therefore reduce and limit abnormal forces that cause pain and discomfort elsewhere in your body.


The cost of orthosis varies so an appointment is always required to assess what device is appropriate for you needs. Gait and pressure analysis can be useful to assess not only what treatment is required but can be used to assess the effectiveness of that treatment.


Our custom manufactured foot orthoses are Medical Devices and are approved by The Irish Medicines Board and conform to the essential requirements set out in schedule 1 of SI.NO.252 of 1994

  • We perform complete biomechanical examinations
  • Plaster Foot impressions are done on-premises
  • Orthotic devices are made on-site.
  • We provide a full range of orthotics to work with a variety of types of shoes and activities