Podiatric Sports Medicine

Sports podiatry, is the application of mechanical principles to the sportsperson and the sporting environment in order to diagnose and treat sports injuries.

sports podiatry

People involved in sport, whether it be recreational or professional will increase the load acting on their joints, bones and surrounding soft tissue structures. Over time this may lead to overuse or chronic injury patterns to develop, which is where sports podiatry can be of benefit.

Our podiatrists use their expert knowledge and state of the art gait analysis techniques to assess individual needs for intervention should that be orthoses, injury rehabillitation, muscle stretching/strengthening, or footwear education.

We have an excellent relationship with several specialist sports footwear stores in the locality where our patients needs can be accomodated.

Coslia Foot Clinic Ennis Co.Clare

Society of Chiropodist and Podiatrists of Ireland

Orthotic Refurbishment at Coslia Podiatry Clinic

We offer a full Orthotic Refurbishment service that will, in most cases, restore our Orthotics to as new condition. This may include topcover and heel posting replacement.