Foot Orthoses

  Tuesday, March 05, 2013

How often do we see patients who when they first visit our clinic tell us that they already have orthotics, but they aren't working for them....  

These patients, having spent considerable sums of money are convinced that they actually have custom foot orthotics.  However a cursory glance at their orthotics reveals that the shell shapes are identical.  In true custom made orthoses this is rarely the case.  Each foot is casted separately and modified according to the prescription so that the shells have inherent differences which are easily spotted - even by the untrained eye.

What they have are "customised orthotics", and whilst there is a role for such products in the market place, these devices are not truly fabricated for that individual.  A customised product is a shell which has been modified for the patient.  This is fine as long as the patient understands that this is what they are purchasing.

Custom foot orthoses are usually made from a plaster cast of a foot.  Sometimes a 3D laser is used, but there are many issues regarding the accuracy of some of the laser scanners in current use.

Our foot orthoses are true Custom Devices manufactured for each individual patient.  They are medical devices which are Irish Medicine Board approved and conform to the essential requirements set out in schedule 1 of SI.NO.252 0f 1994

As an orthotic manufacturer, we are subject to periodic inspection by the Irish Medicines Board.

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Orthotic Refurbishment at Coslia Podiatry Clinic

We offer a full Orthotic Refurbishment service that will, in most cases, restore our Orthotics to as new condition. This may include topcover and heel posting replacement.